ANS Lyceum: Coinage and Civil Wars through the Centuries


Mittwoch, 20th September 2023 ({Stunden24}:{Minuten}–{Stunden24}:{Minuten} UTC-4)
Mittwoch, 27th September 2023 ({Stunden24}:{Minuten}–{Stunden24}:{Minuten} UTC-4)
Mittwoch, 4th Oktober 2023 ({Stunden24}:{Minuten}–{Stunden24}:{Minuten} UTC-4)
Mittwoch, 11th Oktober 2023 ({Stunden24}:{Minuten}–{Stunden24}:{Minuten} UTC-4)
Mittwoch, 18th Oktober 2023 ({Stunden24}:{Minuten}–{Stunden24}:{Minuten} UTC-4)
Mittwoch, 25th Oktober 2023 ({Stunden24}:{Minuten}–{Stunden24}:{Minuten} UTC-4)
Mittwoch, 1st November 2023 ({Stunden24}:{Minuten}–{Stunden24}:{Minuten} UTC-4)
Mittwoch, 8th November 2023 ({Stunden24}:{Minuten}–{Stunden24}:{Minuten} UTC-4)


(en) The ANS Lyceum is an online educational offering from the American Numismatic Society. Over several weeks, participants have the opportunity to engage in interactive lectures and discussion sessions with ANS curators, staff, and other specialists. The ANS Lyceum is open to all with no prior knowledge of numismatics or history required or expected.

This series of lectures will address the relationship between coin production, circulation, and civil wars from ancient to modern times. Beginning with a lecture quantifying the increase in hoard deposition during civil wars, this ANS Lyceum will then deal with the realities of civic strife in the Greek and Roman world and Modern Age England. The last two sessions will be dedicated to the analysis of coins and tokens issued during the course of the US Civil War.

September 20 — Coin Deposits and Civil Wars in a Long-Term Perspective (c. 400 BC-1950 AD) (François de Callataÿ, Royal Library of Belgium)

September 27 — War and Territorial Conflicts in Classical Cyprus (Evangeline Markou, National Hellenic Research Foundation)

October 4 — Images and Weights of War in the Late Roman Republic: The Coinage of the Imperatores (Lucia F. Carbone, ANS)

October 11 —Civil Unrest and Debasement in the Tetrarchic Age (Lucia F. Carbone and Gilles Bransbourg, ANS)

October 18 — Civil War and Its Specter on the Coinage of the Early Roman Empire (Nathan T. Elkins, ANS)

October 25 — King, Country and Cromwell: Numismatics of the English Civil Wars (Robert Hoge, ANS)

November 1 — Petty Cash: Coins and Tokens of the American Civil War (Jesse Kraft, ANS)

November 8 — Mobilized Money: The Modernization of Paper Currency through the American Civil War (Jesse Kraft, ANS)


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