Coinage of the Americas Conference: 18th & 19th Century Design and Production

New York, NY


September 22nd and 23rd, 2023 ({Stunden24}:{Minuten}–{Stunden24}:{Minuten} UTC-4)


(en) The eighteenth and nineteenth centuries saw the beginning and apex of the Industrial Revolution in the United States and abroad, and those methods drastically changed during this period. Perhaps nowhere is this more obvious than in numismatics, where nearly every method of design, die production, and striking was transformed. New machines were created for the sake of monetary creation, while old methods never seemed to fully fade away. This was not only true for the production of coins, tokens, and medals, but especially for paper currencies.

Some of the most beautiful and iconic coins and paper currencies were made during this period, some inspired by millennia-old coins and others serving as inspirations for centuries to come. The artists and engravers who created those designs were recognized as masters of their craft in their own time, and are now hailed as luminaries by present-day numismatists. In addition to their artistic contributions, many of them also had a hand in the technological improvements for numismatic production during this period.

In-person and virtual attendance possible.
Breakfast, lunch, and closing reception included for in-person attendance.


Christian Gobrecht, 1785–1844
Len Augsburger

Proposals for Matthew Boulton’s American Coinage
Roger Burdette

United States vs Gardner: Copper, Counterfeiting, and Connections in Belleville, New Jersey
Bill Dalzell

Cranking Miss Betsey; A Workshop Exploring the Coin Press of the Massachusetts Bay Mint, 1655–1675
Erik Goldstein

New World Proclamation Medals: An Analysis of Their Design, Minting Technology, and Political Importance
Christopher McDowell

Karl Müller: Forgotten Master of Nineteenth Century Sculpture
Scott H. Miller

Some Early Work of Die-sinker and Medalist Charles Cushing Wright
Neil Musante

Influence of Enlightenment Publications on Technology and Design at the First United States Mint
William Nyberg

Numismeta: The Rise of Self-Awareness on 18th and 19th Century Engravings
Emily Pearce Seigerman

History Recovered: Saga of the 1792 Silver Disme
Robert Rodriguez

Joseph Wright: Engraving American Independence
P. Scott Rubin

“Artistic Printing”: The Bank Note and Securities Designs of Thomas F. Morris.
Mark Tomasko


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